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Thursday, August 26, 2010
Liar Liar—Debts on Fire! (Marty Rathbun on Freedom Magazine)

I've recently been totally stressed out about personal debts. Mortgage, car, credit cards etc. I was searching online in the news about other people who have similar problems in hopes that it would make me feel better. The news always shows the worst side of things so I was optimistic. Freedom magazine had an article about some of the shocking debts that an ex-Scientologist racked up�"Marty Rathbun is his name. Fortunately for the Church he was kicked out. Not for racking up debts but for being a criminal. I think he's in jail now or under various criminal charges.

Here's part of the Freedom magazine article. Thanks for cheering me up Freedom. Life can't get much worse than the pain this Rathbun guy must have to deal with:

Contrary to his public utterances to an uninformed media who know nothing about the Scientology religion or Church (and aren’t expected to know, since they are the media and not part of the religion), Rathbun never served in an ecclesiastical management capacity. Rather, his entire Church career was in external affairs, responsible for legal matters.

Attached to that confession he listed the monetary costs:

Judgment $8 million.

Legal fees $7.5 million.

That’s $15.5 million. In fact, his math is conservative, but for the sake of his amends, the $15.5 million of losses caused by him will be accepted. That he never came clean for 15 years, and the mental anguish this mystery caused others, is noted as incalculable damage.

Posted at 11:57 am by timona
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Scientology in Mexico City—Letting People Know “Something CAN be done about it!”


Hundreds toured the Scientology Volunteer Ministers tent in the Iztacalco District of Mexico City.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers of ITD (the Instituto Tecnológico de Dianética) set up their big yellow tent in the Iztacalco District of Mexico City, and hundreds of people learned why the volunteers say, “something CAN be done about it.”

City and district officials helped cut the ribbon and were among the first to tour through the exhibition, where they learned about the work Scientology Volunteer Ministers (VMs) do all over the world—from Scientology Volunteer Ministers Goodwill Tours that bring effective solutions to third world countries and other remote areas, to the help VMs bring in the wake of disaster.

Inside the tent an exhibition covers the application of Scientology technology to improving life.  From study technology to communication skills, conflict resolution to relationship help, the displays show how technology, developed by L. Ron Hubbard, can be applied to improve virtually any condition in life.  Right in the tent, visitors can attend seminars or take courses in any of the 19 subjects covered in the Scientology Handbook.

The displays also cover the Scientology Volunteer Ministers disaster relief teams.  In the wake of manmade and natural disasters—like Ground Zero after 9/11, California brush fires, Australian bush fires or earthquakes—Scientology Volunteer Ministers help serve the search and rescue teams and firefighters so they can cope with the stress and carry on with their work.  Hundreds of Scientology Volunteer Ministers flew to Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand to help the victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, and nearly a thousand VMs helped the victims of Hurricane Katrina and Rita in 2005.  In 2008 alone, Scientology Volunteer Ministers administered one-on-one help at 23 separate disaster sites.

For those visiting the tent, demonstrations of Scientology Assists were probably the most popular feature of the day. L. Ron Hubbard developed a body of technology called “Assists”—applications of his discoveries for the mental and spiritual aspects of a person’s physical difficulties. These techniques are effective where tendency to disease or injury exists or is being prolonged, or where unhappiness and worry causes mental or physical upset.

For more information visit the  Scientology Volunteer Ministers web site or the official Scientology site.

Posted at 06:13 pm by timona
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Church of Scientology International Recognized as Anti-Drug Leader

The Church of Scientology International received a certificate of recognition on November 21st from the California State Assembly commending its "leadership and dedication in drug prevention and education, including the production of 16 groundbreaking public service films that are raising awareness of drug abuse internationally."

The Church of Scientology has created a series of drug education films, brochures and flyers, which it provides to the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, a nonprofit organization that promotes and distributes these drug information materials internationally to government institutions, civic groups and schools.

The newest and perhaps most engaging element of this drug education campaign is a series of 16 anti-drug public service films. Each film, produced by the Church of Scientology, graphically illustrates the effects of commonly abused substances like alcohol and prescription drugs, or illegal drugs such as meth, heroin, cocaine, crack, marijuana and ecstasy. View one of the anti-drug ads on the YouTube Church of Scientology Channel.

Filmed in an edgy style that talks to young people, the public service films show the harsh reality of street drugs and drug abuse. The goal is to impact youth about teenage drug abuse and debunk common street drug hype such as "drugs will make you cool," "you will not get hooked after the first hit," and "drugs will help you party all night."

Four of the 16 public service films have already won an Addy Award, which acknowledges exceptional advertisements, for excellence in creativity and execution. The drug education campaign ads have also won two Telly Awards, which honor outstanding television commercials and productions, in the Best Public Service Campaign category.

The efforts of California public officials to reduce drug abuse is often overshadowed by news of cross-border drug trafficking and the state's dubious distinction of leading the nation in drug-related arrests. However, California is committed to tackling the drug problem. According to the State of California Health and Human Services Agency, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger channeled $3.7 million into drug prevention and related programs for the state last year.

Any group or individual wanting to do something effective about drug abuse is invited to order these films and other educational materials online. For more information, go to www.drugfreeworld.org or contact the Community Drug Education Programs Coordinator for the Church of Scientology International, at 323-960-3500.

Posted at 06:48 pm by timona
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008
New Scientology Volunteer Ministers Center Opens in Vienna

Vienna—Austrian Scientologists are proud to announce the opening of a new Scientology Volunteer Ministers Center in Vienna. Opened last month, the Center was established to provide service to the community.
A festive announcement for the opening of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Center in Vienna.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers program (VMs) was established by Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard, in 1976. Some 100,000 VMs in 120 nations helped more than 1.6 million people in the last year alone, making the Scientology Volunteer Ministers the largest independent relief organization on Earth.

With the motto, "Something CAN be done about it," Scientology Volunteer Ministers teams helped at Ground Zero after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 in New York. They served in Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India after the 2004 South Asian tsunami. In fact, in countries around the world, volunteer ministers are on hand at forest or brush fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods or man-made disaster.

Not only have the Scientology Volunteer Ministers been awarded
citations for their relief work in 119 severe disasters, they also provide disaster response training to police, fire fighters, medical professionals, Red Cross and members of other volunteer organizations. They specialize in restoring calm, organizing the resources available, and providing maximum help to relief workers and victims of disaster.

The official opening of the new Scientology Volunteer Ministers Center in Vienna, Austria.

L. Ron Hubbard said, "A Volunteer Minister is a person who helps his fellow man on a volunteer basis by restoring purpose, truth and spiritual values to the lives of others." The Scientology Volunteer Ministers Center in Vienna accomplishes this by providing courses, workshops and seminars based on the Scientology Handbook. They help people cope with any situation they may have in their lives. Those wanting to salvage a relationship, help their children, improve performance at work, improve their ability to study , assist someone with a drug or alcohol problem or generally do better in life are invited to visit the Center and get the help they need.

Posted at 08:23 pm by timona
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Thursday, July 17, 2008
Frequently Asked Questions about Scientology and Dianetics

This FAQ about Scientology and Dianetics was compiled and written by scninfo@pcnet.com (Scientology Information Server) with numerous contributions by others  and is posted on stason.org.
-0.0: Dianetics and Scientology: Foreword
The first question most people ask when they run across the ...
-0.1 Introduction: Should I Try Scientology?
Maybe. Read this FAQ first. Also, read the numerous other FAQs available,...
-1.1 Is Scientology a science?
The answer to this question depends on the answer to another question:...
-1.2 Has the validity of Scientology been tested?
Yes, it has been tested by Scientologists within their own organizations....
-1.3 What does Scientology have to say about the physical sciences?
Scientology recognizes the validity of the physical sciences, in as ...
-1.4 How do scientifically-oriented Scientologists deal with what seem to be contradictions between the physical sciences and Scientology?
When one takes the time to understand the ideas and terms in Scientology,...
-1.5 Do Scientologists have paranormal powers?
There is a very good answer to a similar question in the book _What ...
-1.6 I'm interested in Scientology, but first I'd like to see some proof...
Scientology is a personal journey....trying to see
-2.1 Is Scientology a religion?
Yes, Scientology is a religion in the deepest sense of the word, in ...
-2.2 How do Scientologists view other religions?
Scientologists respect and, in fact, admire other religions. Scien-...
-2.3 Do Scientologists view science as a religion?
No, in as much as science ignores the possible existence of ...
-2.4 What's an E-Meter? Is it a religious device or a scientific device?
The E-Meter is a device that measures fluctuations in electrical resis-...
-2.5 Is LRH a god?
No. It is felt in Scientology that LRH had just as much potential ...
-3.1 Who has Scientology ever sued? What suits were won/lost/still pending?
In the book _What is Scientology?_, there is a section called
-3.3 What's a "squirrel" group?
According to
-3.4 Did "est" squirrel from Scientology?
Yes, Werner Erhard, just prior to creating est, had taken ...
-3.5 Is it ok if I post my favorite LRH bulletins and policy letters to alt.religion.scientology?
L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology and Dianetics material is now owned by ...
-3.6 Is the Church of Scientology recognized as a non-profit charitable organization by the IRS?
Yes, after an exhaustive study by the IRS into the Church of Scientology, ...
-4.1 Is Scientology successful?
This is understood to ask,
-4.2 Is Narconon successful?
(Note: Narconon is a non-profit organization that uses the drug-rehabili-...
-4.3 What countries officially sponsor Narconon?
According to John Duff, the President of Narconon International:...
-4.4 What is the essence of Scientology's workability?
The essence of Scientology's workability is something that ...
-4.5 What do non-Scientologists think of this FAQ?
In general, non-Scientologists can be broken down into three categories:...
-4.5.3. Those who have heard/experienced a variety of positive and negative things about Scientology, but sway toward the nega- tive. This being merely an overview FAQ, it is recommended that they also look into our other FAQs, as well as the recently published _What is Scientology?_ book available as ASCII via anonymous FTP at FTP.PCNET.COM out of the directory /users/brianw/wis. Also, there are a number of Church re- sponses to negative media, etc. at the same FTP site out of directory /users/brianw/misc.
Additionally, this Users' FAQ will be updated and augmented as time permits....
-5.0 Conclusion: Well?? Should I Try Scientology?
You're cheating yourself if you don't....
-6. Codes and Creeds of Scientology
The following Codes and Creeds of the Church of Scientology, ...
-7. The Creed of the Church of Scientology
The Creed of the Church of Scientology was written by L. Ron Hubbard ...
-8. Scientology: The Auditor's Code
This code first appeared as a chapter in the book _Dianetics: The ...
-9. Scientology: The Code of Honor
The Code of Honor first appeared in Professional Auditor's Bulletin ...
-10. Scientology: The Code of a Scientologist
The Code of a Scientologist was first issued as Professional Auditor's ...
-11. Scientology: The Supervisor's Code
Just as auditors must follow a code of conduct, so too does the ...
-12. Scientology: The Credo of a True Group Member
In our bureaucratic age, members of a group are often left feeling ...
-13. Scientology: The Credo of a Good and Skilled Manager
Leadership is considered a rare commodity, a gift possessed by a ...
-14. Scientology Books: Basic Information On Dianetics and its procedures
-15. Books covering Advanced Dianetics principles and procedures
-16. Scientology Books: DIANETICS principles and procedures to be applied to Children
-17. Scientology Books: Basic Information on Scientology; the philosophy and practice of Scientology principles
-18. Books: ADVANCED SCIENTOLOGY books, covering advanced information on Scientology principles and procedures
-19. Scientology Books: Information on the subject of PAST LIVES
-20. Books containing the Full Philosophic And Technical Data Of Dianetics and Scientology
The Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and ...
-21. Scientology Books covering the HANDLING OF DRUGS AND TOXINS; how to rid one's body of unwanted toxins, drug residues and other harmful substances
-22. Scientology Books to Improve Job Satisfaction And Increase One'S Success In The Workplace
-23. Scientology Books: Information on REMEDYING DIFFICULTIES with students and preclears
-24. Scientology Books of QUOTATIONS from L. Ron Hubbard's writings
-25. Scientology E-METER books, giving the full theory and use of the E-Meter
-26. Scientology Books on STUDY TECHNOLOGY -- for both children and adults
-27. Scientology Books: Technology covering how to use BASIC TECHNIQUES AND PROCEDURES to enhance the survival of one's fellow man
-28. Scientology Ceremonial information
-29. Scientology Lectures
Lectures on personal achievement: The Personal Achievement ...
-30. Scientology Videos
-31. My Philosophy
by L. Ron Hubbard ...
-32. The Aims of Scientology
by L. Ron ...

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007
L. Ron Hubbard's "Basics" released

In July 2007 all fundamental books and lectures of L. Ron Hubbard had been re-released in a high quality form. I got a set and very soon, had a great win, on page 14 of the Dianetics book (DMSMH), where Ron is talking about perceptions.

I have been Clear for many years. When I read again about the perceptions being the comm lines with the universe, a little bit of invalidation I had picked up from others blew off and I had a great resurgence in certainty that my perceptions are right! And that any invalidation of them has come from the cases of others! Another part of this was reading that "the actual computing ability of Man is never in error..." any person computes perfectly on the data stored and perceived. I never realized how profound this is!

Scientology Basics

Posted at 11:01 pm by timona
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Friday, August 17, 2007
L. Ron Hubbard's "Way to Happiness"

Must see!!!!

By L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology founder)

Posted at 09:21 pm by timona
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Friday, July 27, 2007
Besser leben mit Dem Weg zum Glücklichsein

Vor einigen Jahre verfasste L. Ron Hubbard den "Weg zum Glücklichsein", eine Sammlung von 21 Regeln für ein glückliches Leben. Einen Versuch wert, auf für solche, die nicht Mitglied von Scientology sind (der Weg zum Glücklichsein ist "nicht-religiös")! Auf Youtube wurden diese Regeln neuerdings verfilmt und sind online. Hier ist mein Lieblingsclip:

Posted at 11:05 am by timona
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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Scientologists Fill the "Birthday Closet" at Edelman's Children Court Center

The Churches of Scientology Women's Auxiliary presented the Edelman's Children Court Center in Monterey Park with a cartload of toys to add to their "Birthday Closet," a program that ensures that any child who is in the court system on his or her birthday gets to celebrate it, presents and all.

Presented with a cartload of toys to add to their "Birthday Closet," a program that ensures that all children at Edelman's on their birthdays get to celebrate it, present and all. Janice Johnson, program manager for the Juvenile Court Services Shelter Care Program, was happy to receive the donation, and acknowledged its importance.

Janice Johnson, program manager for the Juvenile Court Services Shelter Care Program, was happy to receive the donation, and acknowledged its importance.

Auxiliary member Catherine Lepone of Los Angeles headed up the project and delivered the toys. The donation included dolls, basketballs, board games, trucks, teddy bears, card games and cosmetics.

"Every child is special and should be made to feel even more special on his or her birthday," said Ms. Lepone. "Going through the court system is especially stressful, so if a child has an easier time of it because of a birthday gift from us, we've accomplished our goal."

L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Scientology religion, once wrote, "A being is only as valuable as he can serve others." Scientology churches are well-known leaders in community outreach and social reform, including drug education, drug- and criminal-rehabilitation and literacy programs and human rights awareness activities.

Posted at 03:03 pm by timona
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Sunday, January 14, 2007
A Great Day for Scientology in Germany

Did you see the new Church of Scientology of Berlin?  What an incredible building! But even more important, this new Scientology church is completely set up to service the community.

After all, that is what Scientology is all about -- helping people improve their lives and the lives of others, and helping people increase their ability and gain spiritual freedom.

And there is going to be a lot of help emanating from this new church!

By the way, the media reported that there were a thousand people there, but they were so far off it wasn't funny.  There were at least five thousand and it was a truly historic occasion!

I knew it would be incredible when David Miscavige announced the date for the grand opening at the New Years Event two weeks ago. 

Posted at 09:17 pm by JeanneB
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